Instrumental und Vocal Education

The core matters of this special field are the basic principles relating to personality and educational theory as well as the specific pedagogic aspects and the particularly communicative situation in instrumental and vocal teaching.
With reference to relevant research in the fields of psychology and physiology, we also care about the nature of instrumental and vocal teaching and the given possibilities for optimization, i.e. questions revolving around efficient exercising or finding constructive ways to cope with such phenomena like stage fright.
Professionalizing music school teachers is one of the goals of this special field: As instrumental teaching is now reaching far beyond the simple transmission of technical skills, school teachers in music must be brought to the level of being able to meet the goals set in the fields of education and training and to master the wealth of all teaching contents. A successful handling of the variety of teaching approaches such as partner and group activities or usual classroom teaching models is also part of the aimed methodical diverseness.
As to research and discipline on the main questions concerning instrumental and vocal education, this special field also takes into consideration the conditions, manifestations and further developments encountered by music schools, seen as an institution without omitting the historical and comparative standpoints.

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