General Music Pedagogy

"General Music Pedagogy (GMP)” is the particular sector that gave its stamp to the Institute of Music Pedagogy since its start up in 1990, until the re-structuring of our university in 2003.
All members of this special field are scientific staff with many years of experience in many fields related to music education; above all they are qualified teachers with years of practice in secondary schools. At the university, they are now engaged in the training and continuing professional education of music teachers.
By and large, the practical and theoretical conceptual work, the teaching imparted in the courses of studies on music education as well as the scientific basic research is centred on music education in schools or generally speaking on music teaching to meet the needs of the layman. In its scope of work, the AMP sees scientific basic research in music teaching as a process in which experience gained from the different working contexts is being systematically investigated. This can be then integrated into the theoretical and practical work as well as into the discipline.
Next to the primary focus on the vocational field which is school, the AMP is increasingly taking consideration of the different levels of music teaching beyond the school context into its scope of work starting from elementary music teaching to concert pedagogy, to instrumental teaching.

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