Basic Music Pedagogy

The specialized field of basic music pedagogy (BMP) was created anew in 1980 at the University of Vienna for Music and Performing Arts and is part of the Institute of Music Pedagogy since 2003.

In the framework of their work at the university, the staff of the BMP are committed to the shaping and to the further development of this young field of basic music pedagogy as well as to the initial and advanced teacher training in this domain.

Basic Music Pedagogy offers to those who are seeking an approach to music, essential musical experiences in a variety of aspects. Its chief concern is to stimulate and promote enjoyment of music and to create opportunities to open ever-different possibilities of musical expression.
Programme of study:

  • A main compulsory subject for all students majoring in Instrumental and Vocal Education (IVE);
  • Basic Music Pedagogy as main area of study of the bachelor programme for IVE and students of Music and Movement Pedagogy leading to a recognized occupational qualification;
  • Electives or course modules are available for the IVE-Master’s Degree programme for an increased specialization;
  • The university course of study “Basic Music Pedagogy” offers teachers an advanced professional training and guidance.

We do attach much importance to a living practice and this can be realised through mutual sitting in on classes, or classroom audits among members of the university course of studies "Basic Music Making".

The “Research and Subject Development” covers the whole professional field of music pedagogy taking in the traditional music schools but also increasingly involving pre-schools, secondary schools, work with the youth, early music education, integrative special-school pedagogy, up to senior music education. The methods of basic music pedagogy now also extend to concert pedagogy, instrumental pedagogy and to the teaching of musical theory.

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